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Tadashi Moriyama


3rd October – 6th November 2009

Opening reception Saturday October 3. – 6.30pm

After the summer break Bonelli ArteContemporanea opens the autumn season with the solo exhibition of the Japanese artist, Tadashi Moriyama.

The artist, who is living in New York, presents his new works where the incisive and unique mark is its distinctive character. Among the twenty art works the employed techniques are several: acrylics, gouache, collages, wood and canvas, just to mention some.

“Amnesiac” is telling the story of a nowadays hero “who lives in a city where buildings imitate each other to extreme sameness and continues to grow with expanding tentacles that eats the sun and defecates the moons. “The hero struggles with the loss of his original home (Tadashi Moriyama)” with all tools he can find.

The intricacy and obsessive mark is evident in each ink and gouache work. In his art we can retrieve references to Indian miniature painting, Buddhist and Hindu paintings, 15-16th century Italian paintings and Alchemist paintings as well experiences in Tokyo and New York.

Each painting is rife with apocalyptic imagery rendered in countless repetitions of a few motifs including waffle-like gridded squares forming architectural structures and tubular wobbly connectors slithering in and out of buildings and bodily orifices.

The stories behind each series are based on themes of creation and subsequent destruction of cities, memories, space and time. Technological devices and digital media function as manipulators and instigators of fear, death and hopeful renewal.

In this occasion the catalogue of the exhibition will be released. It contains the images of the exhibition and other examples of the artistic path of the artist, together with the critical essay by Eric C. Shiner, Milton Fine Curator of Art at the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh.


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Some pics of the show: